World Emoji Day 2022: These Are the Most Commonly Used Emojis


Emoticons have fundamentally altered the way we communicate digitally. Emojis are a popular way for people to express or convey their emotions and sentiments in text. Our ability to communicate has been greatly improved by emojis, to the point that many smartphone keyboards now suggest appropriate ones as we type. On July 17, people all across the world celebrate World Emoji Day. This commemorative occasion was first publicly proposed in 2013 by Jeremy Burge, founder of Emojipedia. Interestingly, the date July 17 was chosen since this is the date shown on the emoji for “calendar”. Over 3,500 emojis are currently available as part of commonly used hardware, software, and online services.

Lets’s dive into the list of the most commonly used to emojis in today’s world:

  1. Red Heart emoticon: This is amongst the most often used emoticons. It can be used to convey affection and passion. A standard red heart, multiple hearts, and various other colours and depictions of people together with hearts are available on most platforms.
  2. Loudly crying face emoticon: A yellow face with an open mouth sobbing and streams of heavy tears might confuse an unprepared user, but fear not. While this emoji might be used to represent sadness, it is also sometimes used to express happiness or relief.
  3. Face with tears of joy emoticon: The “Face with tears of joy” emoticon depicts someone who is so delighted that tears stream down their cheeks. When someone says or does something hilarious or embarrassing, it can be used as an emotional tone marker to indicate delight or merriment.
  4. Pleading face emoticon: There are several uses for the “large puppy-dog eyes” emoji. People sometimes use it to demonstrate their unhappiness, while others use it to demonstrate concern. If you want to express pity, affection, or adoration for someone on social media, the pleading face emoji is an option.
  5. Rolling on floor laughing emoticon: The yellow face that appears to be rolling around in laughter, tipped on its side, will be familiar to many. This emoji typically depicts fits of uncontrollable laughter, in contrast to Face with Tears of Joy. It is also frequently used as a retort when somebody says something you might find ridiculous.

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