Apple Watch Bands May Soon Be Able to Change Colours Based on Your Outfit: Report


Apple Watch has reportedly received a patent for colour-changing watch bands. The colour of the watch band could be adjusted through an app, the report states. Apple is said to be working on making the Watch band change colour by itself based on the wearer’s outfit. The colour-changing feature could also be used to send notifications to users. The patent suggests that the company will use electrochromic elements on the watch band, that are able to change colour and opacity.

The patent spotted by Patently Apple, will allow Apple to work on Watch Bands that can adjust colours. This will enable users to customise their watch bands as per their choice and style. The patent says that the bands will carry electrochromic elements, which can adjust the colour and opacity of the band when a small electric current is supplied.

Looking at the report, the watch band would get a three-stripe design and each stripe’s colour is said to be independently adjustable. It is reported to display both solid as well as stripe patterns. The patent also explained that the watch bands would provide adjustable colour control and would display multiple colours and colour combinations without removing or exchanging the watch band.

Users would be able to control, select, and/or adjust one or more colours of the watch band via a control system. The colour selections can be made and adjusted via the Apple Watch app, the report says.

Additionally, the patent also notes that the band would also be able to display “icons, shapes, and text,” and will change colour to tell users about the notifications. Notably, users can already change their watch bands’ colour by physically changing the band, but the new ability will remove the need to buy multiple bands.

Meanwhile, Apple has been reported to achieve a milestone in developing blood glucose monitoring technology that could make its way to a future Apple Watch model. The technology will reportedly remove the need for a needle to collect a blood sample of any kind to detect a user’s blood glucose levels.

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